June 1, 2017

Hello, California! | Beginning again.

Where do I even start this post? Maybe with a little history of Ali Marie Photography. In less than three years, I have found myself moving this business between three different markets…all around the country. In 2014, my husband, Seth, and I left our hometown Wichita, Kansas to start a new adventure in Seattle. We quickly fell in love with our new home and started exploring all the beauty that is the Pacific Northwest.

But we were not prepared for the cost-of-living shock that naturally comes from moving to a major metropolitan area on the coast from the Midwest. I found myself working a full time job outside of photography and honestly, felt like a failure as a business owner. My job did not lend itself well to booking weddings; I only got the schedules a week beforehand, was always working crazy hours (any time from 6am to 11pm) and rarely got a weekend off (so it goes in the world of retail management). I was lucky enough to met some amazing photographers in Washington and had the privilege to second shoot weddings for them. I actually used my few requests for weekends “off” to shoot weddings or photograph portrait sessions. It might sound crazy but that’s the hustle you need to do what you love and follow your dreams.

Fast forward to last summer (2016) when Seth accepted a new position that would move us to Los Angeles. It seemed like forever for the transition to happen because we didn’t actually move until the holidays. And now here I am: in California. Settled into our new home with my camera in hand, ready to continue the adventure of entrepreneurship. I have so much work to share from over the past few years and I am so excited to see Ali Marie Photography grow.

I have to end with some thank yous. First, to all my clients who have trusted me to capture their stories. My business wouldn’t exist without you. To Seth, for believing in my dreams, even when I lost sight. To one of my besties, Jennefer, for starting this crazy adventure at the same time and always treating me as a friend & never as competition. To Ali & Cassie, for bringing me along to capture beautiful Washington weddings and becoming fast friends! To my family, for always supporting me. To everyone I met in Seattle that made moving so hard and to everyone I’ve already met in LA that has made it feel like home already.

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